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   How to do digital marketing strategy in the Internet age [12/02/20 03:14PM]   
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With the development of the information society and the acceleration of the pace of life, more and more information fills our eyes and minds. For many brands, it is not easy to be remembered by consumers and occupy their minds.

The post-90s and post-00s, who grew up in the Internet era, are active in every corner of the society and a group of consumers that cannot be underestimated. Countless brands hope to capture this group through brand upgrading and rejuvenation. Then comes the question of how to develop a marketing strategy.

Traditional marketing means are single, extensive advertising, lack of user use scenarios and group division, passive communication with consumers, and information channels are not smooth, all of which have caused the embarrassing situation of high marketing costs but little effect.

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The soul of digital integrated marketing lies in its strategy, which is the guideline of the whole marketing plan. Guidelines for the entire marketing program. In the Internet marketing era, online to win sound volume, offline to undertake activities, to achieve the effective conversion of sound volume and sales volume, the two are indispensable, complementary. Zhongzhi digital marketing will plan corresponding marketing means according to the tonality of enterprises and products, including but not limited to: event marketing, topic marketing, video marketing, content marketing, etc. Marketing in the Internet era pays more attention to the full sense of participation of users, which is not only to see and hear, but also to participate in. It is deeper marketing to generate emotional links with users and improve the stickiness with users.

From a multi-dimensional perspective, the strategic positioning and creative implementation of organic combination, for customers to specify a set of effective integrated marketing programs; Take the multimedia platform as the position, seamlessly connect online and offline, carry out creative implementation, form a closed loop of product efficiency, achieve sound volume and sales win-win.


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